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dickens unplugged photos



design by Lez Brotherston

lighting design by Jon Clark

photos by Jon Clark and Jo Hayes

some photos…

…courtesy of Jon Clark, our illustrious lighting designer.


the ballad of charlie dickens


mr warren’s blacking factory


the great man himself

set and costume design by Lez Brotherston

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press and reviews from guildford…

British Theatre Guide  (review)

Daily Telegraph (feature)

Independent (feature)

Here’s the review from the Surrey Advertiser

ONE of the many surprises at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre this week is the discovery that Charles Dickens and his creations spoke with American accents.
Dickens Unplugged is the brainchild of Adam Long and its five actors from California call themselves “the biggest CD Tribute Band in Santa Cruz”. A more accurate description would be “Five go adventuring and discover treasure.” As does the audience which enjoys nearly two hours of inspired and surreal silliness.
Starting with an Oliver Twist owing more to Lionel Bart than Charles Dickens we are treated to a musical journey through several books punctuated by snippets from the master’s life, beginning with his work in boot blacking “made by real children” and ending with his death “I’m going home now to have a stroke”.
Bleak House and Great Expectations are despatched in 30 seconds rapid rap while Christmas Carol is given the full treatment with Tiny Tim’s crutch doubling as an electric guitar.
There’s a wonderful scene in which a self-righteous Dickens gives his wife her marching orders and she manages to encapsulate all the resentments of 18 years of less than perfect marriage into one short blistering diatribe.
There’s folk, there’s country and western, there’s rap and harmony. It’s all delivered at breakneck speed. The ladies have trim beards and large feet and Madame Guillotine delivers surprised looking heads into a large basket.
It’s all tremendous fun and Charles Dickens would have loved it. Destined for the West End but you can catch it at the Yvonne Arnaud until tomorrow (Saturday).
Margaret Burgess

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programme for guildford

yvonne arnaud theatre, guildford 14-23 feb 2008


jpeg.jpg jpeg.jpg jpeg.jpg jpeg.jpg jpeg.jpg


Joseph Attenborough 

Matthew Hendrickson

Simon Jermond

Jon Robyns

Gabriel Vick


Adam Long


Mark Goucher

Casting Director/Script Editor:

Alex Jackson-Long


Lez Brotherston

Lighting Design:

Jon Clark

Music Arrangements by the company

Costume Supervisor:

Polly Laurence

Production Manager:


Company Manager:

Ben Heaf

Deputy Stage Manager:

Marion Auer

Assistant Stage Manager:

Simon Wilcock

Wardrobe Mistresses:

Geri Spencer

Mia Walden

Costumes supplied by Angels The Costumiers

Associate Producer:

Claudia Ginsburg

General Managers:

Elizabeth Kaye

Jonathan Russell


Press Officer:

Chloe Pritchard-Gordon

websites: www.dickensunplugged.com


jpeg.jpg jpeg.jpg jpeg.jpg jpeg.jpg jpeg.jpg

hope to see you in guildford…


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dickens unplugged reviews – edinburgh, 2007

The List

The Stage


The Scotsman


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if charles dickens played a guitar, it would be an archtop


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charles dickens action figure!!!

charles dickens action figure


 ‘This 5-inch tall Charles Dickens action figure is made of hard vinyl and comes with a quill pen and a removable hat!’

People who bought this item also bought:

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Oscar Wilde action figure

Vincent Van Gogh action figure (with interchangeable heads – with and without ear!)

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edinburgh programme

okay folks, here’s a programme for DICKENS UNPLUGGED at the Edinburgh Festival…


2-27 August 2007, 12:15 pm

Writer/Director – Adam Long

Producer – Mark Goucher

Cast – (in alphabetical order) Luke Evans, Matthew Hendrickson, Simon Jermond, Bryan Torfeh, Gabriel Vick

Script Editor/Casting Director – Alex Jackson-Long

Company Manager – Suu Wernham

Deputy Stage Manager – Holly Handel

Assistant Stage Manager – Thyra Covell

Props – Chris Marcus and Jonathan Hall at Marcus Hall Props

Costumes – Sue Lardner and Cathy Marchant-Olympios

Lighting Design – Paul Lamont

Scenic Artist – Brett at Visualscene

For Mark Goucher Ltd. Jonathan Russell (General Manager), Tim Mascall (Production Manager), Elizabeth Kaye (General Manager), Bonnie Royal (Marketing Manager), Chloe Pritchard-Gordon (Press Officer).

And, of course, special thanks to CHARLES DICKENS for being the greatest writer in the history of the universe….

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