dickens unplugged photos



design by Lez Brotherston

lighting design by Jon Clark

photos by Jon Clark and Jo Hayes



We had a great time in Guildford. Thanks to the audiences for being so fun. Thanks to the staff of the Yvonne Arnaud for making us feel at home.  Thanks to our wonderful cast, esteemed crew, and magnificent production team.  And, of course, thanks again to Charles Dickens for being the greatest writer ever in the history of the universe.


Here’s a cartoon Mia (one of our talented wardrobe mistresses) drew of A Tale of Two Cities – Unplugged Style.  Charles Darnay and Dr. Manette are watching the French aristrocrat run over a small child with his tricycle. The executioner is holding Sydney Carton’s severed head.  Bill Sikes’ dog Bullseye has also managed to find his way into the scene.  And those little figures in the background with the purple and orange hair are Mia and Geri watching from behind the curtain.

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